Join US

Membership to this Consortium is a  privilege and is reserved for all INDIVIDUAL, professional members of the healthcare, assisted living, nursing home, medical device/instrument industries whose credentials have been vetted by the Consortium membership committee. Once you have been approved, you can begin to enjoy the benefits of membership and take advantage of the following:

  1. Network with early healthcare pioneers in the use of RFID & RTLS technologies.
  2. Learn from other professionals in this new technology sector and thereby help your healthcare institution to save time and money.
  3. Take advantage of discounts to educational activities, conferences and trade shows at selected events.
  4. Access RHCC professional services for your facility at members rates.
  5. Access the RHCC library of case studies and white papers- under development
  6. Access to Subject matter experts in RFID & RTLS healthcare professionals
  7. Free copy of the RHCC letter (bi-monthly)
  8. Serve on industry committees and SIG groups – under development

To join the RFID in Healthcare Consortium, please contact:

Harry P. Pappas – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer