The RFID in Healthcare Consortium incorporates the following committees:

a) ER
b) OR
c) Sterilizing – Gamma tags
d) Patient applications
e) High Value Mobile Asset tracking – equipment and supplies
f) Document tracking
g) Bed management
h) Supply Chain
i) Medical Waste tracking
j) Uniforms and Laundry
k) Pharmacy
l) Food Services
m) Blood labs
n) MRI suite
o) Maternity
p) Employee/staff tracking
r) Packaging
s) Passive tags
t) BAP tags
u) Bar coding
v) Biometrics
w) NFC technology
x) Nano technology
y) In-Home, Real time Monitoring / Web based Systems
z) Bluetooth
aa) Wi-Fi
bb) Zigbee
cc) WiMax
dd) Cellular
ee) Sensors
ff) Medical Devices

Should you be interested in joining one or more of above committees, please send you request to