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The RFID in Healthcare Consortium (RHCC) is a not-for-profit, subsidiary organization of The Intelligent Health Association (IHA) and operates under its auspices, guidelines, governance, and by-laws.

The Consortium was founded on September 13th, 2008 to initially address EMI issues with RFID & RTLS technologies but has recently transformed itself into a full fledged trade organization. The Consortium is an educationally focused, vendor neutral, technology and frequency agnostic, organization dedicated to promoting the use and adoption of RFID and RTLS technologies in the healthcare, assisted living and nursing home industries.

Intelligent Health Pavilion Overview

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The educational demonstrations at the Intelligent Health™ Pavilion deliver a number of compelling use cases across collaborating vendors that highlight how multiple technologies can seamlessly, interoperate with state of the art, medical equipment and co-exist to improve the overall patient care environment.

The Intelligent Health™ Pavilion brings together not only RFID and RTLS technology firms and their many use cases, but also new and complementary technologies such as NFC, bar coding, software, sensors, and wireless technology firms all at one easy, accessible location. See all our newest videos at  intelligenthospital.tv


Intelligent Health Pavilion 2016

February 29 – March 3,  2015, Las Vegas


With multiple avenues to influence and meet visitors, The Intelligent Health Pavilion offers hard-to-duplicate results that last long after the event ends.   Join us as we raise the level of awareness and educate healthcare professionals. More information here!

Intelligent Pharmacy™ Pavilion at ASHP Mid-Year Meeting

New Orleans, December 6-10, 2015

Experience a new exhibit model for attracting prospects and new product introduction.

Six demonstration rooms are planned for the Intelligent Pharmacy™  Pavilion.  Scripted tours will be created and staff  hired to demonstrate equipment as part of the tours.  Visitors will  wear headsets and take a 20 minute guided tour to learn about the technologies and their impact on patient care, patient safety, operational efficiencies and the pharmaceutical supply chain. More information here!


The Intelligent Hospital Pavilion™ at HealthAchieve

November 2-3, 2015, Toronto Convention Center

The Intelligent Healthcare Association, in a partnership with the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA), is excited to introduce the first ever Intelligent Hospital Pavilion™ (IHP) at HealthAchieve in Toronto this November 2 and 3. This technology equipped, destination pavilion, will feature an ED and a Patient room that will showcase the latest wireless technologies being utilized in today’s hospitals. More information here!

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